Multifunctional Wireless Monitoring System for Construction Hoists & Industrial Elevators V1.7

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Multifunctional Wireless Monitoring system for construction hoist, Alimak, ANKA, Beta Max’s, PEGA

Multifunctional Wireless Monitoring system V1.7 is currently being used for Construction Hoist & Industrial Elevators, Alimak, ANKA, Beta Max’s, PEGA

This system is installed in an elevator cab and displays the following:
-input and output voltage on Variable Frequency & Adjustable Speed Drives,
-currents for each motor,
-peak currents for each motor,
-power consumption of motors,
-currents on the ballast resistor,
-condition of the ballast resistor,
-temperature of motors,
-gearbox temperature,
-elevator speed,
-16 digital inputs 42...240 VAC
-control circuit: doors, safety device…

Various modules can be added to the system:
Phase Control Logger Module can measure the voltage of each phase separately. If the voltage of each phase is decreasing, all the information (Day of the Week, Month, Date, Time up to Seconds) is recorded in a special file.