AIS Receiver (2)


AIS Receiver Dual Channel 1000PRO

With the 1000PRO AIS RECEIVER you can display any AIS equipped vessel within VHF

range on any type of AIS adapted display system. Information transmitted from vessels

fitted with AIS Transponders include: MMSI number , name, call sign, position, heading, speed,

destination, type and size of vessel. The 1000PRO AIS RECEIVER is preferably used with

your laptop or desktop and a Electronic Chart System or a radar like display. The

installation is quick and simple, requiring only the connection to a VHF antenna, and

computer (PC). 1000PRO AIS RECEIVER is your perfect tool to be updated on ship movements

along a coastline or in a port when update rates are not of highest importance.

The 1000PRO automatically changes frequency if the noise level becomes too high on the

channel in use.

Note: In all navigational critical solutions we recommend a two channel solution that

can be found in our 1000PRO, AIS RX YACHT or AIS RX PRO products.