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Diesel Monitoring Control and Diagnostic Systems


Marine Machinery Log Diesel engines arrangement (Diagnostic & Monitoring)

  • Monitoring fuel injectors functioning condition
  • Monitoring air intake assembly
  • Monitoring turbine vacuum and pressure
  • Monitoring turbine bearing status
  • Monitoring temperature of engine; transmission cooling fluid and oil
  • Monitoring engine; transmission oil pressure

  • Working order:
  • Machinery Log (ML) detecting and memorizing all data from the functioning engine during any level of operation.
  • Device operational order using innovative vibro-acoustic method to determine any vibration spectra's engine error.
  • ML recording temperature and oil pressure data with period 10-240 sec. according to initial fixed up.
  • In case of instability from fixed parameters ML alerting about insecure part of the engine. ML provide you with flexibility to
  • check condition and records of your engine at any time throughout historical operation according to former settings.
  • In conclusion:Yacht owner can at any given time check condition of the vessel power train, including main engines
  • and generators without a professional help.
  • ML help to recognize if were any failure of any system(s) during operation; point it out exactly part what was malfunction
  • and what part responsible for improper operative. Main point having Machinery Log installed, be able to discover on
  • time unhealthy engine operation; properly on timely matter
  • provide prevent maintenance; avoid COASTLY repair bill and the most important to be SAFE AT THE SEA.

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