GSM Yacht Monitoring and Control Systems (20)


GSM Vessel Monitoring and Control System, status reporting, and remote control device for electronic equipment with support of Short Messages (SMS – text messages), phone calls (Caller ID), and with a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled SIM e-mails. The device is configurable via touch screen monitor or keypad.

RovEL RCB-1.0 Basestation
RovEL RCB-1.1 Basestation + Internal GPS / GLONASS
RovEL RCBDS-1.0 Basestation Double SIM Card
RovEL RCBW-1.0 Control Station Wireless
RovEL VDR-1.0 Vessel Data Recorder
RovEL InA2D4-1.0 Control Station
RovEL OutD8-1.0 Control Station
RovEL BBS-1.0 Backup Battery System (12v-24V)
RovEL IcomS-1.0 Yacht Crew Caller Onboard Intercom System
RovEL WLS-1.0 Non-contact Water Flow Level Sensor (Bilge Water Pump Control)
RovEL YIS-1.0 Yacht 3D Impact Sensor
RovEL YC-1.0 Yacht Compass
RovEL YI-1.0 Yacht Dual-Axis Inclinometer
RovEL THS-1.0 Yacht Temperature & Humidity Sensors
RovEL YGD-1.0 Yacht Gas Detector