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Vessel Monitoring and Control Systems


Marine Multi-Display Station for Electronic Monitoring System (ММDS)

• Works with any vessel size or model
• Customized design – you can design your own system choosing the types of sensors and displays that meet your customer's needs.
• Scalability – modular design makes it easy to expand sensors, displays or propulsion controls
• Simplicity – easy to use
• Superior performance – high quality hardware and software that delivers more, for example, diagnostic information
Some Examples of Customized Design (see pictures):

MMDS consist of two parts:

- Engine Main Controller.1.

Engine Main Control is installed in the engine compartment. It allows you to connect to any type of sensor available on the engines (gas, diesel). The device has an individual setting for each sensor. This may be pressure sensors,temperature sensors, fuel level sensors in the tanks, etc.The device has its own screen, which displays engine operation controls and different types of sensors.Information about the operation of the engine is periodically recorded on a flash drive. Performance data can be retrieved so that the cause of the problem with the unit can be tracked and fixed. For example, the data can show if the cause for excessive RPMs can be engine oil or coolant overheating and etc. The frequency with which the data is recorded can be configured between 10 to 60 seconds.

- Local Controller.2.

Local Control. Consisting of:- Unit receiving information from the engine room - Color display High-resolution, 1920X1200-pixel-per-inch- Variety of display sizes to suit the customer's taste for different rooms - Can use customer's own displays if they have an HDMI Display Port Information may be displayed on all displays simultaneously from 1 to 10. Each state sensor is displayed in two kinds - analog and digital.

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